Installing on *nix from source

On GNU/Linux, OSX and FreeBSD you need the following requirements:

  • Python 2.X
  • NumPy >= 1.3.0 (with header files)
  • SciPy >= 0.7.0
  • GSL >= 1.14 (with header files)

From a terminal run:

$ python install

If you don’t have root access, installing mlpy in a directory by specifying the --prefix argument. Then you need to set PYTHONPATH:

$ python install --prefix=/path/to/modules
$ export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/path/to/modules/lib/python{version}/site-packages

If the GSL header files or shared library are in non-standard locations on your system, use the --include-dirs and --rpath options to build_ext:

$ python build_ext --include-dirs=/path/to/header --rpath=/path/to/lib
$ python install

Installing on Windows Xp/Vista/7 from binary installer


  • Python 2.6 or 2.7 Windows installer
  • NumPy >= 1.3.0 win32 installer
  • SciPy >= 0.8.0 win32 installer

The GSL library is pre-compiled (by MinGW) and included in mlpy.

Run the mlpy Windows installer.

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